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Oil separator

The requirements for the discharge of oily waste water are becoming increasingly strict, and businesses that have such discharges are obliged to have an oil separator. Typical applications for an oil separator include runoff from petrol stations, car parks and roads, purification of process water from wash halls, garages, etc. and treatment of oily waste water from larger industrial processes.

Nordisk Vannteknikk supplies oil separators of the highest quality in a number of different models and sizes, and at competitive prices. If you need an oil separator, we will help you find the right solution for your needs.

Separation principle

Most combinations of water and oil will eventually be separated by gravity. Oil has a lower density than water and will therefore settle as a layer on top of the water. Nevertheless, the separation of small oil droplets can take a long time, which can lead the need for large separation tanks.

The oil separators from Nordisk Vannteknikk are therefore supplied with a separate oil filter module with a coalescing material that binds the oil particles together and thus increases the rise rate. The footprint of the separator is therefore greatly reduced, while still maintaining good separation.

At the same time, solid particles will accumulate at the bottom of the tank as a layer of sludge.

Teknisk tegning av innsiden av en Sepko oljeutskiller fra Nordisk Vannteknikk

Above or underground installation

Above ground separators

The above ground oil separators are compact and can be placed on the floor, and are best suited for smaller businesses. We also supply mobile oil separators in larger sizes, but these must be placed in a cradle, or built into a steel box or a container. The mobile oil separators also require a separate buffer where oily water is collected before it is pumped into the oil separator.

Underground separators

The underground oil separators are larger and have a higher capacity than the above ground oil separators. These models consist of the oil separator itself, a collection chamber for oily water, and a service shaft with ladder and lid. The oil separators are flexible, and can be adapted to your needs in relation to size and capacity, how high the service shaft must be, and how much weight the lid will be exposed to. Contact us and we'll help you find the oil separator that suits your needs!

Mobil oljeutskiller fra Nordisk Vannteknikk for montering stående på gulv

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