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Krystallsalt til bruk i vannrenseprosessen

Consumption products

Flocculation agents and other consumables are an important part of the cleaning process in order to achieve the best possible result. With a warehouse in Drammen, we have a short delivery time for all chemicals and consumables.

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Polyclay is our effective and environmentally friendly agent for the precipitation of particles in water. The flocculant is a powdered, semi-granular polymer that is added directly to the water. Polyclay has a pH-adjusting effect, and acts as an ion-protecting, coagulating and flocculating agent. This means that Polyclay has many advantages over traditional polymers.

With Polyclay, the sedimentation of particles is both quick and easy, and you will achieve an excellent precipitation. In addition, all our variants of Polyclay are based on natural minerals which make the polymer more environmentally friendly.

En sekk med Polyclay, en type pulverisert semi-granulær polymer

How does it work?

As a powdered polymer, Polyclay can be dosed directly into the water without adding water. We supply systems for dosing Polyclay where the powder is added after entering the plant. The powder is then mixed into the water before the water is carried on to sedimentation. Here, the Polyclay will have time to react, particles will bond and sink to the bottom. The clean water will continue to overflow.

We supply Polyclay in several different variants which have shown good results within a number of industries, including tunneling and construction, the oil industry, recycling and landfill, and the food industry. Polyclay reduces the water's content of environmentally harmful substances, including heavy metals, suspended matter, oil, PFAS, and much more.

Et glass på med polymer blandet med forurenset vann i flokkuleringsprosessen

Other consumption products

Nordisk Vannteknikk also supplies a number of other consumables for the cleaning process, including other types of polymers and other products.

Lager med kjemikalier til bruk i vannrensing

Contact us

All our consumables can be delivered in various sizes, from small cans or bags of 25kg, to IBCs or pallets of 1000kg.

Do you want more information or a price offer? Contact Espen by phone +47  901 05 591, or by


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