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Bil som vaskes i vaskehall

Runoff from garages and car washes often contains chemicals and oil that are harmful to the environment. Fortunately, there are good solutions for removing pollution from this type of labour, and Nordisk Vannteknikk has a lot of experience and expertise in this field.

Garage & wash hall

Buss som kjører på landevei med knallblå himmel

Wash halls for buses and large vehicles

Commissioned by Vy Buss, Nordisk Vannteknikk has developed a treatment system that has contributed to the opening of the first swan-labeled wash hall for buses at their facility in Eidsvoll. The san-label includes, but not limited to, strict requirements for the water that is discharged, as well as a high degree of reuse, which should lead to a significant reduction in water consumption.

The results have been very good, and the system has shown to be capable to reuse up to 95% of the washing water. For that reason, two new systems have been delivered to the Vy Buss facilities in Hamar and Brumunddalen,  and more are on the way.

Lastebil spyles av et bilvaskeanlegg

Wheel washer

In addition to building treatment plants for car washes, Nordisk Vannteknikk also supplies mobile washing units for washing the wheels and undercarriage of large vehicles. The units are efficient and space-saving, which makes them well suited for use on construction sites, and can be used for flushing everything from cars, buses and trucks, to construction machinery and military vehicles.

The washing unit is supplied with a purification system for cleaning and reusing the washing water. The facility is mobile and can be scaled according to capacity requirements.

Lastebil spyles av et bilvaskeanlegg

The requirements for the discharge of oily water into the public sewer system are gradually becoming increasingly strict and more and more businesses have to invest in an oil separator.

As a significant supplier of oil separators, Nordisk Vannteknikk offers a number of different models of different sizes and capacities to competitive prices.

Teknisk tegning av innsiden av en nedgravbar oljeutskiller

Oil separators

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