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A Leading Supplier of
Water Purification Technology

Nordisk Vannteknikk is the leading supplier of water treatment techology in Northern Europe.

Products and services?

Nordisk Vannteknikk offer a range of products and services within treatment of polluted water.

Mobile water treatment

Flexible and space-saving solutions for tunneling and construction operations.

Industrial water treatment

Stationary treatment systems tailored to specific needs within a range of industrial processes.

Consumption products

Polymers, activated carbon and other products used in the treatment process.

Drinking water

Systems for purifying drinking water containing a range of different pollutants.

Project planning & counselling

Nordisk Vannteknikk contributes with counceling and project planning from the very start of every project.

Assembly and service 

Our skilled service technicians assist with assembly, regular service and even full operation.

Latest news

Clean water is an important resource that we have often taken for granted. That is about to change as we see an increase in record braking droughts and forest fires around the world. Therefore, water purification has become an important step in the process of ensuring a more sustainable future. The requirements for pollution are becoming increasingly strict, and the demand for reliable treatment solutions is increasing.

Nordisk Vannteknikk strive to deliver reliable solutions that meet these requirements. There are a variety of solutions that exist today, and Nordisk Vannteknikk will always be able to help you find the right solution for your needs.

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Rådgivning for Svanemerking

Nordisk Vannteknikk tilbyr rådgivningstjenester for Svanemerking av eksisterende anlegg.


Not sure what you are looking for? Look for your industry below to see what we can help you with.


Waterway, fjord &


Oil industry

Recycling & landfills

Food & beverage

Garage & wash hall


Nordisk Vannteknikk work closely with every client to find the best possible sollution for every project. We are proud to collaborate with businesses who take their environmental responsability seriously. 

Wish to know more?

If you wish to know more about what we can help you with, contact us by email, or by phone +47 32 82 95 90.

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