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Diverse matretter på et pent dekket bord

The production of food and beverages brings with it a number of challenges when it comes to treating the process water. The process water often contains nutrients and organic substances that can lead to over-fertilisation, algae growth and changes in the ecosystem and species composition. It is therefore important to ensure that the process water is properly treated before it is discharged into rivers, waterways or the public sewer system.

Food & beverage

What do we do?

Nordisk Vannteknikk has extensive experience in treating process water from a number of industrial processes, including the production of food and beverages.

There are various methods for limiting the amount of nutrients in the process water, and several methods are often combined for the best cleaning effect. We help you find the right solution for your needs.

Through continuous research and development, Nordisk Vannteknikk works to constantly improve our technoplogy, and we always deliver solutions according to the best available techniques (BAT).

Diverse matretter på et pent dekket bord


Flotasjonsanlegg for rensing av prosessvann fra matvareproduksjon


Nordisk Vannteknikk has built a treatment plant for Orkla's factory in Rygge. The factory produces ketchup, mustard and dressings for Idun, and the treatment plant treats waste water from the production.

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