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Wheel washer system

Grønn lastebil spyles i underspyleranlegg

Washing of wheels and undercarriage for large vehicles

Nordisk Vannteknikk is proud to present ConLine Flex: a system for flushing wheels and undercarriage for large vehicles. ConLine Flex is a flexible and efficient system for washing wheels and undercarriage for large cars, as well as smaller cars, construction machinery and military vehicles. The wheel washer comes with an associated treatment system for purifying and reusing the washing water.

Operation principle

The wheel washer system is a flexible system that can be modified as needed from a basic unit. The basic unit consists of a washing plate for thorough washing of vehicles, and a treatment system for efficient cleaning of the washing water.


The wash plate consists of two ramps for entry and exit, 130 wash nozzles placed under and on the side of the vehicle for optimal washing, and a sensor that initiates washing automatically.

The water runs down into a collection vessel and is then pumped into a container where the water is sedimented with a suitable precipitating agent. The clean water is recycled for washing the next car, while the sludge is scraped out by a separate sludge scraper.

The system has a capacity to wash between 100 and 200 cars every day, depending on the model and degree of pollution, and the treatment system recycles the water so that you only need to use 40-45 liters of new water per car. The wheel washer operates automatically with dosage of precipitation agent, and can be easily monitored from a PC and mobile devices.

Mobilt hjulvaskeanlegg montert på en byggeplass
Teknisk tegning av en hjulvaskeanlegg
Teknisk tegning av en hjulvaskeanlegg
Teknisk tegning av en hjulvaskeanlegg
Teknisk tegning av en hjulvaskeanlegg

Did you say flexible?

Nordisk Vannteknikk is known for flexibility, and the wheel washer system is no exception. The system is called ConLine Flex for a reason. We supply a number of different models in different sizes and with different capacities that can easily be adapted as needed.

We deliver everything from small, mobile systems to stationary treatment plants with higher capacity. ConLine Flex can be placed above ground or buried for less visibility, and has the ability to wash both small cars, large vehicles, construction machinery and military vehicles. The system is supplied with automatic flushing as standard, but manual flushing can be offered as an option.

The facilities have a number of different areas of use, including at construction sites, crushing plants and quarries, concrete production facilities, recycling stations, landfills, ports, food production, or other areas where vehicles may be exposed to pollution. The wheel washer systems are available both for sale and rental.

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