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Sales and delivery conditions

Seller is:

Company name: Nordisk Vannteknikk AS

Address: Eikringen 9, 3036 Drammen  Phone: +47 32 81 95 90

Organization number: 914427231

Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the seller Nordisk Vannteknikk AS (hereinafter referred to as "NVAS") and the buyer, the following provisions apply:

1.0 Product

1.1 NVAS AS's suppliers work with continuous product development and reservations are therefore made about changes in the product range, specifications, stock levels, and product codes without prior notice.

2.0 Prices

2.1 If NVAS's costs in connection with the fulfillment of the agreement increase as a result of price changes in production costs, material, shipping, insurance, customs, taxes, exchange rates, or other conditions over which NVAS has no control, NVAS reserves the right to regulate the prices accordingly.

2.2 All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping unless otherwise specified.

3.0 Offer

3.1 Offers from NVAS are valid for 30 days from the date of the offer unless otherwise agreed in writing. NVAS reserves the right to change or withdraw the offer if the order is placed after the offer deadline.

3.2 An agreement is only concluded when NVAS has confirmed an order.

3.3 Advice and offers from NVAS are based on the information and documentation provided by the buyer. NVAS therefore disclaims responsibility if the information is incorrect or some information is missing.

3.4 It is not permitted to make additions or changes to NVAS's offers.

4.0 Delivery conditions

4.1 The products are sent at the buyer's expense and risk. Incoterm 2020 Exworks. Unless otherwise agreed, NVAS chooses the delivery method.

4.2 The buyer is responsible for providing the correct address. If this is not correct, the buyer must pay the costs this entails.

4.3 Delayed deliveries do not entitle to compensation.

4.4 The delivery time from stock is normally 3-5 working days for stocked products. Transport time is added.

4.5 NVAS will inform the buyer if the normal delivery time or stated delivery time cannot be met.

5.0 Payment terms

5.1 Standard payment terms for companies are net 20 days unless otherwise agreed.

Private customers must pay in advance unless otherwise agreed.

5.2 The delivered goods remain the property of NVAS until full payment has taken place.

5.3 After maturity, interest is calculated in accordance with the regulations on interest for late payment.

6.0 Receipt control

6.1 When receiving goods from NVAS, the buyer must check the goods for damage, and defects, and whether the correct goods/quantity have been delivered. In case of deviation, NVAS must be contacted within a reasonable time, no later than 8 days after the reception.

6.2 In the event of damage or missing goods, the buyer must make sure to note this on the transporter's waybill and get a copy of the letter sent to NVAS. The buyer must also be aware that compensation from the carrier cannot be expected if it is not noted on the waybill.

6.3 When using the item for the first time, the buyer must check that the item works according to the specifications. This also applies after any service work carried out on the product. Errors must be reported to NVAS immediately after they have been found/occurred.

7.0 Cancellation and return

7.1 No return can take place without prior agreement between NVAS and the buyer.

7.2 Returns are only accepted on standard stocked goods in original packaging. Cancellation of goods that are not in stock must be paid in full.

7.3 When returning, a 25% return fee is calculated on the invoiced value of the goods.

7.4 The buyer is responsible for the return shipping.

8.0 Complaint

8.1 Complaints and warranty are 1 year for commercial purchases. Unless otherwise agreed, the complaint period runs from the date of delivery. For sales covered by the Consumer Act, the complaint period is in accordance with this.

8.2 Complaints include components that may be damaged or faulty on delivery. Defective components that are covered by normal wear and tear, moisture, or incorrect use are not covered by the right of complaint.

8.3 Transport expenses and any travel costs in connection with a complaint are not considered part of the defect in the product unless otherwise agreed, and are therefore not covered by NVAS.

8.4 NVAS is under no circumstances responsible for lost earnings, operating downtime, or other consequential economic losses.

8.5 The buyer is responsible for return shipping to NVAS.

8.6 Complaints and guarantees only apply when installation and maintenance have been followed according to the manual and general instructions for maintenance. It must be possible to document that service and maintenance routines have been carried out by qualified personnel.

8.7 All liability from NVAS is waived if unauthorized service personnel is used and/or non-approved parts are used during servicing, upgrading, and rebuilding. Incorrectly installed equipment is also not covered by the warranty.

8.8 In the event of a complaint/warranty, NVAS must be contacted.

8.9 NVAS designs water treatment facilities based on submitted analyses, this provides a snapshot of the water's real condition. NVAS is under no circumstances responsible for changes in water quality.

8.10 Goods that are returned to NVAS without an agreement and work that is started without an agreement on price and execution will be rejected.

8.11 All parts sent from NVAS, also for complaints, will be invoiced until the old part is returned. Only then will the sent part be credited. Deviations from this are only made by written agreement.

9.0 Ownership

9.1 All drawings and descriptions remain NVAS's property and may not, without another written agreement, be copied, reproduced, handed over to, or in any other way brought to the knowledge of third parties. NVAS requires that the information remain confidential.

10.0 Exemption from liability

10.1 NVAS can by written communication terminate the agreement with the buyer if the fulfillment of the agreement within a reasonable time becomes impossible to deliver due to war, strike, political conditions, or other force majeure which

NVAS has no control over.

11.0 Reservations/conditions for renting equipment

11.1 Water can be complex and challenging. There may be heavy metals that require additional measures. Such measures are charged to the tenant.

11.2 NVAS rents out equipment for water treatment and is not responsible for the water treatment or operation during the rental period. The customer rents equipment at their own risk and must take care of the equipment throughout the rental period until it is returned.

11.3 If equipment is delivered back damaged, dirty, or with ice/sludge, the costs which include electricity, suction truck, water analyses, hours for a technician and equipment that is defective are charged to the tenant.

11.4 Chemicals purchased for rental equipment must be stored properly and in accordance with the data sheet.

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