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Tanker i et industrielt renseanlegg for oljeholdig vann

Industrial treatment plants

Industrial treatment plants

For many years, Nordisk Vannteknikk has supplied systems for the treatment of water from a number of different industrial processes. The plants are tailored to each project and can therefore vary in both size, capacity and type of treatment method. We have broad expertise with mechanical plants where we use both chemical and biological processes, and we have experience from most industries, including the oil industry, food & beverage, landfills and recycling, and the farming industry.

Flotasjonsanlegg for rensing av prosessvann fra matvareproduksjon


Nordisk Vannteknikk has experience from a variety of different industries. 


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Sandvaskeanlegg for rensing av masser fra sandfang

Oil treatment system

The oil treatment facility is a reception and treatment facility for liquid masses. The plant receives masses from sand catchment, oily sand catchment, washhalls and oil separators. It is the first reception facility of its kind in Norway, and separates out both oil, sand and other pollution in the water.

Flotasjonsanlegg for rensing av prosessvann fra matvareproduksjon

Food production facility

This facility cleans contaminated process water from the production of ketchup and other food products at Idun's factory in Rygge. This plant combines flotation, biological purification as well as traditional polymer treatment, and with an upgraded sludge treatment system in 2021, the plant shows very good results.

Renseanlegg for behandling av vaskevann fra bussvask

Bus wash system

In colaboration with Vy Buss, Nordisk Vannteknikk has built 3 facilities for cleaning wash water from buses. The facilities make it possible to reuse up to 95% of the used water, which has made it possible for Vy's wash halls to be labelled with the nordic eco-swan label.

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