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Fraktskip som legger i kai ved en oljerigg på åpent hav

The oil industry

The amount of hazardous waste linked to the oil industry presents many environmental challenges. New facilities are constantly being built for the reception and treatment of oily masses, and Nordisk Vannteknikk is a significant supplier of both equipment and expertise.

Stående fettutskiller med vannprøvetaker for montering på gulv

Oil separators

Nordisk Vannteknikk supplies oil separators in a number of different models for use in garages, washrooms, workshops or other smaller businesses where oil spills occur.

Teknisk tegning av et komplett behandligsanlegg for oljeholdige masser

Oil treatment system

Complete reception and treatment facility for oily masses. 


Extraction and production

Platforms or production facilities require solutions of a different scale, and Nordisk Vannteknikk has the expertise to solve challenges both onshore and offshore.

Oil separator

All businesses that discharge oily waste water need an oil separator. Examples of such businesses are car washes, lubrication/service halls, workshops and garages. There are a number of requirements associated with the installation of an oil separator. The requirements vary based on your location, so it may be a good idea to see which requirements apply to you on your government's website.


Our oil separators are made of polypropylene and are therefore sturdy and can withstand a number of chemicals. Additionally, they are easy to install and require little maintainance. The oil separators we supply come in a number of different variations and sizes, but we have two main categories: above ground oil separators and underground oil separators.

Gulvmontert fettutskiller med vannprøvetaker

Oil treatment

Liquid oily masses, such as from oil separators or sand traps, have traditionally been handled by being sent to a landfill. However, Nordisk Vannteknikk has developed a plant that has the ability to treat these masses and significantly reduce the amount that is disposed.

The plant separates out both oil and sand before the water is purified. The water is also reused in the plant as flushing water, and can also be reused for other purposes, or safely discharged into the public sewer system. The sand masses and the sludge produced can also be reused for various purposes.

Lindum OBA

Lindum OBA is the first oil treatment plant of its kind in Norway. The facility is located at the Lindum recycling station in Drammen and is a splendid example of how modern technology and innovative cleaning solutions can greatly reduce waste from the oil industry.

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