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Mobilt renseanlegg for behandling av vann bra bygg- og anleggsbransjen

About us

Mobilt renseanlegg for behandling av vann bra bygg- og anleggsbransjen

Who are we?

Clean water for a sustainable future

Nordisk Vannteknikk is the Nordic region's leading supplier of water treatment solutions for contractors industral purposes.

Ever since the beginning in 2004, Nordisk Vannteknikk has had a fundamental commitment to the environment. Our entire existence depends on clean water, and it is the driving force in our entire business, in every single process, every single day. Nordisk Vannteknikk was built stone by stone, and is today a specialist company that supplies both consultant services as well as mobile and stationary water treatment solutions to most industries, including mechanical industry, contracting, food & beverage, landfills, wash halls, and much more.


Nordisk Vannteknikk also has a service team that carries out everything from assembly, services, operation and water sampling. We also have the in-house expertise to analyze water samples and provide advice based on the results. We also supply polymers, activated carbon and other consumables for the water purification process, and with a warehouse in Drammen, we have a short delivery time for all products.

Rent vann som renner gjennom en lamellutskiller

What do we do?

As a supplier of equipment for water purification, Nordisk Vannteknikk offers everything from consultancy and planning to assembly, service, full operation and consumables.

Nordisk Vannteknikk has extensive experience in a number of different industries and has faced many different challenges.


PFAS, short for per- and polyfluorinatedalkyl substances, is a group of fluorinated substances that have been used in the production of a number of products since the 1950s, including teflon coatings in frying pans, fire extinguishing foam and membranes in Gore-Tex shoes. The substances therefore have a high concentration in nature, as well as in humans and animals, and since PFAS breaks down extremely slowly, the concentration continues to increase.

PFAS can be harmful to both nature snd the health of humans and animals, and it is therefore extremely important to prevent an increase in PFAS in nature. Through sedimentation with Polyclay and absorption using activated carbon, Nordisk Vannteknikk can capture PFAS from the water and thus significantly reduce the footprint PFAS has on the environment.


The Oslo Fjord is struggling with an increasing concentration of nitrogen, which is mainly due to runoff from fields and farms, but can also come from explosives used for the excavation of tunnels. An increased concentration of nitrogen in fjords and the sea increases the build-up of unwanted algae and can, in the worst case, lead to a collapse of the eco system.

It is therefore extremely important that we ensure that the nitrogen from agriculture and excavation does not reach the waterways, and Nordisk Vannteknikk has the solution.


When rainwater and surface water run through landfills or other areas with pollution, there is a great danger that the pollution will enter the groundwater. Groundwater is used for a number of different purposes, including drinking water.

Nordisk Vannteknikk has experience with cleaning out harmful pollution from leachate at landfills. Leachate can be challenging due to rapid changes in the type of pollution, and ongoing research projects ensure that we can find sollution despite these challenges.

Luftbobler ved vannoverflaten

Research & development

Our most important task is to ensure that we deliver solutions that work. We therefore work continuously with research and development of new technology and new methods to find the very best solutions within various fields. In our laboratory, our chemical engineer works with testing different types of chemicals and their combinations. New mechanical solutions and biological processes are also among the areas we work on.

We are also lucky to work together with a number of great partners with many different types of projects. Every time we get a new project, our first task is to test and develop different methods to achieve the very best results for each project.

Clean water

 for a sustainable future

Nordisk Vannteknikk is primarily an environmental company. Our vision is a sustainable future where we take care of the environment and the planet for current and future generations. And what is more sustainable than clean water?

Recycling & sustainability

Extreme drought and water shortages have been a much-discussed topic in recent years, and the problem seems to be increasing. One of the most important measures we can take is therefore to ensure reduced consumption of clean water.

The potential for reuse of purified water is great and Nordisk Vannteknikk has already implemented water reuse in several of our treatment plants. Several of the treatment plants meet the requirements for the Nordic Swan Eco-label, and more and more of our solution have an increased focus on reuse.

Reuse can be applied not only yo water, but other bi-products from the treatment process as well, including sludge. Sludge is ofted disposed at landfills, but we are constantly working to find solutions for how this product can be reused. Biological sludge can be used as fertilizer or the production of biogas. There are also great opportunities for reusing sludge from tunnel water for the production of concrete. Our goal is that water purification in the future will become a completely circular process.

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