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Anlegg for rensing av drikkevann til hyttefelt, bygget inn i kompakt container

Drinking water

Nordisk Vannteknikk provides facilities for purifying drinking water, whether it is private for your home or cabin, or larger cabin or residential areas. The treatment systems can remove bacteria, salts and fluoride, radon, acidic water, hard water/lime, humus, iron and manganese, and odors.

Anlegg med UV-lampe for fjerning av bakterier i drikkevann


Many different infectious diseases can come from bacterially contaminated drinking water. With a UV system, you can quickly and easily remove bacteria from the water that would otherwise be infectious. With simple installation and low operating costs, a UV system is well suited for those who want safe drinking water without bacteria.

Anlegg med osmose-filter for fjerning av salter og fluor i drikkevann

Salts and fluoride

Salt and fluoride are essential nutrients for the body, but too much intake can be harmful over time. If you have too high a content of salts or fluorides in the water, an osmosis system will be a good solution. With the facility's 0.0001 micrometer osmosis filter, only water molecules and smaller amounts of sodium, potassium and magnesium will be able to penetrate.

Anlegg for fjerning av radon i drikkevann


Radon is a radioactive gas that forms naturally in the bedrock, and both soil, air, and groundwater contain radon. If your household uses groundwater, there is a risk that it contains radon. With the Radonett system, you will be able to remove up to 99.9% of radon gas in the water.

Anlegg for å justere pH og redusere surhet i drikkevann

Acidic water

If the pH level is lower than 7, the drinking water is acidic. Acidic water can increase the precipitation of heavy metals from water pipes and reduce the lifetime of pipe systems and increase the risk of leakage. By passing the water through an NC filter system, you will be able to increase the pH of the water.

Anlegg for fjerning av kalk/hardt vann i drikkevann

Hard water/lime

Many people experience hard water in the household, often in the form of white deposits on showers, sinks, glasses and in the coffee machine. With a softening filter, you will be able to reduce the amount of limescale in the water and finally find shiny glasses in the dishwasher again.

Anlegg for fjerning av humus i drikkevann


Humus is a term for organic material that is found in the water, and gives the water a characteristic yellow-brown colour. By using the right filter material, you can reduce the amount of humus and make the water less discoloured.

Ventil til drikkevannsanlegg for fjerning av jern og mangan
Anlegg for fjerning av jern og mangan i drikkevann

Iron and manganese

Iron and manganese can cause disadvantages in the form of a yellow color to the water, as well as a bad smell and taste. It can also lead to yellow/brown stains on sanitary equipment, black stains on white clothes in your laundry, and large amounts of rust sludge in the pipe network. There are several methods for removing iron and manganese from the water, we will help you find the right solution for you.

Utluftingsanlegg for fjerning av vond lukt i drikkevann


Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Then it is most likely hydrogen sulfide. Bad smells can also come from other natural causes, in which case it can help with an aerator that adds oxygen to the water and removes bad smells.

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