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Sandvaskertanker som en del av et industrielt anlegg for behandling av masser fra sandfang

Oil treatment plant

Lindum OBA

Liquid masses from sand traps, wash halls and oil separators contain a number of different types of pollution, and have traditionally been sent to landfill. Lindum AS wanted to do something about this, and Nordisk Vannteknikk was therefore commissioned to design and build a facility for treating these masses. The purpose of the facility is to minimize the amount of waste sent to landfill by recycling and reusing as many resources as possible. We are therefore incredibly proud that this plant is operational today and thus contributes to sustainable resource recovery.

What is OBA?

Lindum OBA is more than just a reception facility for liquid masses – it is a platform for cutting-edge technology. OBA is first and foremost a treatment plant for oily masses, but the plant consists of three core components: Oil treatment, sand separation and an advanced purification system.


In the oil treatment section, water and sludge from sources such as oil separators and wash halls are received. Drum filtration ensures that sand and gravel are separated, and separation tanks are used to separate oil from water, before the extracted oil is further refined for optimal concentration.


The sand capture section consists of separate reception areas for masses without oil, as well as sand and water from the oil reception section. The sand separation section also uses drum filtration as well as its own sand washers to separate sand from polluted water, while the treatment plant completes the circle by supplying cleaning technologies such as polyclay treatment, lamella separation and sand and carbon filtration.

Tegning av et komplett mottaksanlegg for flytende masser fra sandfang og oljeutskillere

Recycling and sustainability

Lindum OBA goes further than just purifying water. The plant demonstrates the possibilities within sustainable resource management. The purified water is collected and reused throughout the facility by flushing the reception areas, drum filters and other essential places. Even the overflow water is effectively diverted for further use, an innovative strategy that contributes to the optimal utilization of water resources. Furthermore, the extracted sand can be further cleaned and sold for reuse, and the the sludge can also be reused for different purposes, including for pyrolysis processes. 

Piler laget av vann som danner et symbol for resirkulering
Anlegg for vasking av sand fra sandfang
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