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Mobilt vannrenseanlegg plassert langs fjorden ved solnedgang

Due to the construction of the new hospital in Drammen, Nordisk Vannteknikk has delivered an advanced treatment system for the treatment of water from the construction process. The project represents a step forward in implementing sustainable practices in the construction industry, while taking into account the protection of the surrounding environment.

In collaboration with local authorities and construction contractors, we have put together a tailor-made solution to handle the large amount of water that occurs during the construction process. Rainwater, groundwater and surface runoff are collected and channeled through the treatment system. This system uses modern technology to remove particles, sediments and any contaminants from the water.

The purified water is carefully monitored to ensure that it meets the quality standards before being released into the fjord. This not only helps to protect the fjord environment, but also shows the way for other construction projects that seek to minimize their impact on nature.

Drammen hospital

The facility is a complex mobile system that consists of a number of components for optimal performance. A combination of different cleaning methods is used, including traditional sedimentation together with chemical precipitation to achieve the best possible result and at the same time reduce the system's footprint.

A lamella separator solution is also used due to high water flow in certain periods. The lamella separator is a sedimentation tank with lamellas built in and a screw at the bottom for continuous removal of sludge. The smooth surfaces of the lamella plates ensure that the sediments sink to the bottom faster, which leads to a faster sedimentation time and therefore a higher water flow rate in the same footprint. The sludge screw continuously removes sludge from the tank so that it is not necessary with a full stop when emptying for sludge, thus significantly reducing downtime.

Rent vann.jpeg

The project in Drammen is an example of Nordisk Vannteknikk's expertise in advanced water treatment and their commitment to finding innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges. Through this project, they have not only contributed to a cleaner fjord, but have also set a new standard for responsible water management in the construction industry.

Mobilt vannrenseanlegg plassert langs fjorden ved solnedgang
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