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Within the construction industry, water purification is a crucial challenge in the fight for sustainable development. With increasing urbanisation and industrial growth, the need for efficient water treatment systems has never been greater. Water treatment is not only about removing particles and pollutants from water sources, but also about maintaining high water quality for both human use and the preservation of ecosystems.

In addition to technical challenges, contractors also face regulatory and administrative obstacles. Changes in laws and regulations around water quality require contractors to keep up to date and adapt to constantly changing requirements. This requires a proactive approach and the ability to collaborate closely.

Nordisk Vannteknikk wants to be more than just a supplier of cleaning equipment, but also a supervisor and partner throughout the entire process.

Rekke med containere langs fjorden ved solnedgang
Oversikt over anleggsområde
Rekke med vannrensecontainere i vinterlandskap
Rekke med vannrensecontainere i vinterlandskap

Mobile treatment systems


Some of the most common challenges contractors face with water treatment are lack of space and capacity. High flow rates means that bigger tanks are required for the sedimentation of particles, which can lead to major logistical challenges in smaller construction areas.

The mobile treatment systems from Nordisk Vannteknikk are designed with these challenges in mind. The product series consists of a number of modules built into container solutions, and are both compact and mobile so that they can more easily be placed on construction sites. The systems are also modular and the amount of modules are selected as needed. It is therefore both space-saving and cost-effective to choose mobile treatment systems from Nordisk Vannteknikk.

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Rent vann som renner gjennom en lamellutskiller

What do we do?

Rekke med sedimenteringscontainere for felling av partikler i vann


Sedimentation is the process where particles in the water are allowed to sit before settling at bottom of the tank.

Flokkulering av partikler i reagensglass på laboratorium

Chemical flocculation

To increase the effect of the sedimentation, PolyClay or another polymer is added.

Tørt slam som presses ut av en Squeez-r slampresse

Sludge dewatering

Filterpresses or other dewatering systems are used to make the sludge less expensive and more environmentally friendly to dispose of.


Rekke med vannrensecontainere langs fjorden ved solnedgang

Drammen hospital

Nordisk Vannteknikk has delivered two different mobile treatment systems for cleaning water from digging and foundation work due to the construction of the new hospital in Drammen.

Rekke med sedimenteringscontainere for felling av partikler i vann

The government quarters

På oppdrag fra Implenia leverte Nordisk Vannteknikk AS et mobilt renseanlegg til Akersgata/Grubbegata i mars 2015. Anleggets funksjon skulle være å rense vann fra riving og anleggsvirksomhet i området.

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